Wicker is a synthetic fibre that withstands extreme temperature fluctuations. Each piece of furniture is woven by hand and is easy to clean and maintain.Wicker contains no toxins; it is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


All Weather Fabrics have been specifically developed for outdoor use. It's highly resistant to color loss through fading from sunlight and ozone. Excellent UV protection and UPF at least 100+.


Aluminum is strong, non-rusting, and lightweight and retains its good looks through blistering summer sun and drenching thunderstorms. All of these features make it a premium choice for outdoor patio furniture, patio furniture or just outdoor furniture.


All glass tops are made of thickness 5mm,8mm or 10 mm toughened glass. For the share tables, choose between either white frosted glass.



Aluminum frames are easily maintained, but should still be cared for like any other piece of ne furniture. The frames should be cleaned regularly, with a wet cloth and mild detergent, rinsed with water and dried thoroughly. For additional protection, a premium quality clear automotive wax may be applied to protect against ultraviolet exposure, salt air and sea spray.


To keep cushions looking good and delay any deep or vigorous cleaning it is recommended to soak fabric in a solution of 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of lukewarm water. Next, use a sponge or a soft bristle brush as necessary to remove soil. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and allow fabric to air dry completely. Machine Washing - Machine wash in cold water (less than 100F/38C). To avoid mildew, after excessive water accumulates in cushions, open cushion zipper and place cushions on zipper end allowing to air dry. It is not recommended that the cushion skins be dry cleaned, or machine dried.


Should a woven item become lightly stained or soiled it may be cleaned by simply using a wet cloth and a mild detergent, rinsed with water and dried thoroughly. It is recommended that the woven frames be occasionally cleaned to avoid buildup of dirt and mildew.


Glass Cleaner & Polisher: ideal for removing all sorts of stains such as light scaling or edge deposits from water. The table top can be easily cleaned without scratching with the cloth supplied and the slightly sandy structure of the cleaner.